ケントの裏情報 ゲイリスト


Matt Groening Executive Producer
Ken Tsumura Animation Co-Producer for Gracie Films
George Meyer Co-Executive Producer
Joel Kuwahara Assistant to the Producers
Bill Oakley Supervising Producer
Elizabeth Jacobs Assistant to Mr. Mirkin
Josh Weinstein Supervising Producer
Jane O'Brien Assistant to the Producers
Annette Andersen Assistant to Mr. Groening
Jennifer Crittenden Staff Writer
Mike Scully Producer
Dominique Braud-Stiger Post Production Assistant
Greg Daniels Producer
Joseph Boucher Producer
Al Jean Consulting Producer
Ping Warner Post Production Assistant
Mike Reiss Consulting Producer
Craig Feeney Assistant to the Producers
Richard Raynis Producer
Don Gilbert Assistant to the Producers
David Mirken Executive Producer
Jacqueline Atkins Assistant to the Producers
Chris Ledesma Music Editor
Mark McJimsey Dialogue Sound Editor
Alf Clausen Music
Allison Elliott Post-Production Supervisor
David Silverman Producer
David Cohen Story Editor
N. Vyolet Diaz  

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